UK & Europe

We have developed relationships with every type of retail outlet including record stores, independent fashion boutiques, high street and mass-merch retail and beyond in the UK and Europe. BSI Merch is perfectly situated to provide access to all of these options and we bring with us the experience and contacts to make any artist, band or brand a retail success.

North America & Canada

With offices in New York and LA we have an extensive array of retail options at our disposal in North America and Canada. From mall chains to mom & pops stores, outlets to independents, our retail and distribution reaches far and wide and we have successful track record of store exposure to back it up. Our strength in distribution is furthered by our partnerships with non-music licenses including high fashion couture and skate/snow/surf apparel lines.

Rest of The World

Through trusted strategic partnerships in Europe, North America, Canada, Australia and Japan we are able to provide both retail and distribution services across the globe. Maintaining a high level of expectations with our partners we offer a trusted and efficient service wherever you are with a guarantee of an efficient and prompt service across the board.

For further information on how we can help you expand your reach through licensing and retail opportunities, please contact